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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This experience is offered in partnership with ACCIÓ with a significant discount to a selected group of companies. If you have an interest in joining the programme, please contact at Please note that if you don’t have a formal invitation, participation will not be confirmed. 


Jump into the new industrial revolution that’s breaking out right now.

Through history, industrial revolutions have been driven by technological breakthroughs that completely changed the world as it was at the time. There has been one industrial revolution in each of the 3 previous centuries. Has the time already come for the revolution that is due in the 21st century?

By participating in this programme, you will learn:

  • Which will the new consumption and use habits be in the new economy.
  • How the combination of new technologies have achieved the critical mass to unchain the fourth industrial revolution.
  • Which are the implications and challenges ahead.
  • How to deal with cybersecurity.
  • How organization and HR management models need to adapt to the upcoming scenario.
  • How will business models of whole industries change.

To help you move forward towards action, you will get a 4-day pass to the Mobile World Congress, where you will engage in a guided tour through selected stands of the companies offering the most innovative Industry 4.0 solutions.

You can also participate in the optional brokerage event which will be held during Mobile World Congress by ACCIÓ, where you will directly meet potential business partners (either as customers or suppliers, depending on your needs).

Change your mindset to Industry 4.0, transform your business and take full advantage of the fourth industrial revolution opportunities.


21 February 2017

22 February 2017

01 March 2017


Mobile World Centre
Carrer Fontanella, 2.
08002 Barcelona

Mobile World Congress
Fira de Barcelona - Gran Via


Catalan & Spanish

In association with

21.Feb 2017
8:45 - 14.00

Mobile World Centre

• Evolution or revolution?
• Enabling technologies.
• Operations framework.
• Real Industry 4.0 cases.
• Workshop (I).

22.Feb 2017
8:45 - 14.00

Mobile World Centre

• Organizational impact.
• New business models.
• Industrial cybersecurity.
• Real Industry 4.0 cases.
• Workshop (II).
• Roadmap to Industry 4.0.

01.Mar 2017
10:45 - 14.00 or 15.45 - 19.00

Mobile World Congress

• Guided Tour: experience the next wave of Industry 4.0 solutions - even before they hit the market.

The Experts

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