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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This experience is offered in partnership with ACCIÓ with a significant discount to a selected group of companies. If you have an interest in joining the programme, please contact at Please note that if you don’t have a formal invitation, participation will not be confirmed

Meet the connected shooper to offer him exceptional customer experiences.

People consume and relate to each other in a connected way. Consumers want to reach out to services at any time and in any place whilst demanding unique and personalized offers. Today’s customer experience is much more than just the mere purchase and, increasingly, is requiring new services and exceptional value propositions.

In order to achieve a global overview around the challenge of the connected consumer this course will help you to learn:

  • How is the new digital consumer and how to connect with him.
  • How retailers improve performance by providing unique omni-channel experiences.
  • How digital technologies such virtual reality, interactive screens or smart shopwindows boost customer engament.
  • How is changing the offering by hyper-segmentations and tailored real-time-bidding.
  • What developing pionner solutions are start-ups  developing to disrupt the retail arena.
  • How to design consumer-oriented services and business models through data-based strategies.

To help you move forward towards action, you will get a 4-day pass to the Mobile World Congress, where you will engage in a guided tour through selected stands of the companies to see and experience innovative solutions to engage with your customers .

You can also participate in the optional brokerage event which will be held during the congress by ACCIÓ, where you will directly meet potential business partners (either as customers or suppliers, depending on your needs).

Meet the new digital consumer, understand how to attract and engage with him… make him your loyal client.


24 February 2017

28 February 2017


mVenturesBcn - Pier 01
Plaça de Pau Vila
08039 Barcelona

Mobile World Congress
Fira de Barcelona - Gran Via


Catalan & Spanish

In association with

24.Feb 2017
09.00 - 14.00

mVenturesBcn - Pier01

• New engagement models for a new digital consumer.
• Designing digital experiences to increase value and business.
• Workshop:
Generating value across the customer journey.
• Corporate venturing models to benefit from start-ups

28.Feb 2017
10.45 - 14.00 or 15.45 - 19.00

Mobile World Congress

• Guided Tour: Mobile World Congress - Know the most innovative technology to engage your customers.

27-28.Feb, 1.Mar

Mobile World Congress

• Brokerage event (optional): meet international partners to expand your business by leveraging on their technological solutions.

The Experts

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