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Learn the power of Blockchain and how it will change the world, your industry and your career.

Blockchain is the technology behind famous Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency. But its potential goes far beyond that. Actually, it can be considered the biggest breakthrough since the invention of the internet.

By participating in this programme, you will realize the disruption potential of Blockchain through its ability to disintermediate and decentralize whole industries. You will understand the impact in your business model and how to take advantage of this technology.

You will learn how Blockchain’s features have the power to turn around almost every aspect of our daily lives, such as (among others):

  • The way we identify ourselves.
  • How make and enforce contracts.
  • The way we buy, sell and register assets of any kind.
  • The payments we make for goods and services.
  • The issuance and verification of reliable certifications.
  • How our medical records are kept.
  • How we cast votes.

As mainstream adoption of blockchain keeps accelerating, its disruptive power will create plenty of business opportunities – and threats as well – that will require professionals who understand the implications and challenges associated with it.

Be part of the leading wave of blockchain experts, rethink your business and take full advantage of the opportunities of the distributed revolution.



30 March 2017

31 March 2017


mVenturesBcn - Pier 01
Plaça de Pau Vila
08039 Barcelona



In association with

30.Mar 2017
8:45 - 14:00

mVenturesBcn - Pier 01

• The upcoming revolution.
• Blockchain: a 360º overview.
• The Bitcoin case.
• Smart Contracts: the killer application of Blockchain.
• Workshop (I).

31.Mar 2017
8:45 - 14:00

mVenturesBcn - Pier 01

• Real Blockchain cases.
• Current legal status.
• Experts panel: what's coming.
• Flagship Blockchain projects.
• Workshop (II).
• Leveraging on Blockchain.

The Experts

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