What is GoingDigital’s mission statement?

GoingDigital’s mission is to give awareness on the impact of digital technologies on the economy, business and society.

How do I become a part of GoingDigital’s community?

This is a call to live an experience on emerging digital technologies: We seek people who wish to envision the impact of emerging technologies, and to be accountable for creating and leading change within their organizations.

The GoingDigital community aims to be diverse in every way. We invite people who have the time, talent and spirit necessary to drive positive change to make an impact within his organization and society.

Join our community through one of our experiences.

What kind of issues does GoingDigital address?

GoingDigital members can explore technological and emerging themes with a high-potential to change the economy and society as we know it. The community works together for practical and actionable solutions.

The GoingDigital experience might fill the gap between the technology and its adoption and appliance to a company or to an industry. How this technologies and trends such as Big Data, Internet of Things, Collaborative economy, Digital identity or Artificial intelligence to name a few change the way we do business…

…and how they impact on economy and society.

Is GoingDigital just an academic program?

No. GoingDigital has the ability to take best-in class content, add it to its capabilities and create a unique experience where participants discover how emerging technologies and trends impact society and economy. Thus, we help leaders to take their decisions on how to face the current digital era.

What is a tour?

A tour consists in a visit, or a serie of visits, to see and learn first-hand real technology implementations in a sector.

A tour might be a visit to a serie of shops, factories or hospitals depending on the topic where you can live the experience offered by a pionneer solution and the business rationale that lays behind it.

A tour might also be a visit to an event such as Mobile World Congress or 4YFN to see the next wave of innovative solutions and services that may apply to an industry or to solve a business challenge.

Before, during or after the tour, technologies are explained, highlighting the key concepts of each case and its potential in terms of business.

What is the difference between a “Guided tour” and a “Customized tour”?

A “Guided” tour is a tour where all participants go together with a lead to discover real implementations or solutions to visit and experience. The content is curated on pre-advance.

Whereas a “Customized” tour  is a tour where you can go yourself to see real implementations or solutions to visit.  Depending on the programme, there are two options:

  • – Prior to the tour, you are provided with a guide with the places to go. You can go there whenever you want.
  • – The same day of the tour, you can ask for the topic you are interesed in and we will provide you with the places that best fit your needs.


What I have to do in case I have a problem enrolling an experience?

If you have any inconvenient, do not hesitate to contact us at info@goingdigital.es or by telephone at +34 935 157 359. We will do our best to help you.