Our mission is to give awareness on the impact of digital
technologies on the economy, business and society.

GoingDigital is a community where professionals can find an understanding and transversal vision of digital transformation to become the leaders of change.

Through unique learning experiences, GoingDigital brings together first class speakers, global leaders and the latest insights on current and future challenges of a world in constant evolution by technology. A powerful combination set for success.

Why GoingDigital?

GoingDigital has the full backing and engagement of the Mobile World Capital Barcelona and its partners to bring together first class know-how related to digital technology. It’s not just about sharing knowledge, but about offering hands-on workshops, reviewing real business cases and learning through unique experiences. Talking about technology, its economic effect or its challenges is not enough; GoingDigital is orientated towards actions and making things happen.

We are:

  • An active community of doers
  • Simple and straight forward
  • Creative and inspiring
  • Professional and inclusive
  • Ready for change

Our Learning Experiences:

Digital Technology

Gain a 360º view of concrete digital-related topics.

Digital Industry

Discover the impact and opportunities of digital in your industry.

Digital Transformation

Be prepared to lead a successful digital transformation journey.

Custom Programmes

Tell us your needs and we will offer you the optimal tailored solution.

Why GoingDigital?

New digital technologies drive profound changes in society, influencing the way in which the economy behaves, how we interact with each other or how goods are consumed. This makes it critical for companies to place digital transformation at the top of their strategic priorities.

GoingDigital helps leaders to understand what digital transformation really is, to envision its potential and become aware of the key tools required to drive this change.

We help leaders to rethink, innovate and move faster than ever before.

To whom is it addressed?

People are the key lever of change in organizations. GoingDigital calls upon business leaders from diverse disciplines (innovation directors, business developers, digital marketing specialists, strategists, entrepreneurs, change agents, policy makers, etc.) to lead digital transformation.

If you want to understand the impact and opportunities of digital technologies, become aware of the latest digital trends, learn with first class professionals in an experience based environment and focus on actionable solutions simply join one of our learning experiences and become part of the community.

Be inspired by GoingDigital.